Some ressources for ANTLR

ANTLR is Another Tool for Langage Recognition and can be found on


ANTLR is installed very easily from the tarball available on their website. The official website also provides an rpm but I was unable to compile it on my Fedora Core 2. I have built custom rpms for easier installation. Feel free to use them and report any error in packaging/ suggest any modifications. The rpms require the j2sdk rpm that you can find for free on The binary package have been build on a FedoraCore 2. You can rebuild them using the source rpm.

antlr-2.7.5-1.i386.rpm The base package with antlr command. If you generate just Java parsers, this is the only thing you need.
antlr-c++-devel-2.7.5-1.i386.rpm The headers and static library for C++ output. If you generate C++ parsers, you need this to compile and link them.
antlr-python-2.7.5-1.i386.rpm The bindings for Python.
antlr-2.7.5-1.src.rpm The source rpm from which the others were build. If you want to rebuild the packages for your machine, you have to do :
> rpm -Uvh antlr-2.7.5-1.src.rpm
> cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
then (if you need but you souldn't) you can modify antlr.spec, and then run:
> rpmbuild -ba antlr.spec