High Quality Renderer

Development: Cyril Soler
Jean-Christophe Roche



The HQR platform is a set of modules and softwares to create photorealistic images from three-dimensional models. Geometry, light sources and materials are described using the X3D standard file format. Computed images are saved in HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the OpenEXR format. The plaform is built to be used under two ways. Tools are available on this site to further view and convert HDR images into other formats.

The user's way: one goal is to precompute high quality solutions to the problem of light equilibrium a scene using the photon mapping method. Two executables are available: a command-line executable and a software with graphical user interface.

The developer's way: the modularity of this global illumination plaform is such that development/experimentation of new methods/algorithms is easy. Language is C++ and graphical user interface is built using Qt from Trolltech.

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March 3nd, 2005 Birth of the web site.

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