HQR download/install


Both the command-line and GUI versions of HQR require the following libs to be installed on your computer:

In addition, the graphics user interface needs Alternatively you may not want to install all this onto your computer just to check what HQR looks like, so you can download a ready-to-use libraries pack for hqr, and the complementary libs for the graphics user interface, for linux gcc-3 architectures. In that case, just setup your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to the directory where you put these libs to have the software find them.


Supported architectures:
  • Linux:
    • find here the Linux-i586 executable files for HQR and HQR.GUI;
    • the complete distribution of sources is available here. Please refer to the compile and install topic below for supplemental information.


Fast and automatic compilation is performed through the following steps, provided that the required libraries are installed on your computer (see above):

However, on some Linux distributions, some libraries are not at a canonical place (say, the place provided by the .rpm packages). In this case it is possible to compile by setting the following environnement variables properly to the value wich corresponds to your own configuration:

Library Variable Default value

In this table, the default value indicated corresponds to the value used by the automatic compilation system. If one of the above environment variable is supplied, it automatically replaces the default value. The corresponding 'setenv' commands can be stored in a script at your convenience.

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