Lagrangian Texture Advection: Preserving both Spectrum and Velocity Field

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics - 2010
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Texturing an animated fluid is a useful way to augment the visual complexity of pictures without increasing the simulation time. But texturing flowing fluids is a complex issue, as it creates conflicting requirements: we want to keep the key texture properties (features, spectrum) while advecting the texture with the underlying flow - which distorts it. In this paper, we present a new, Lagrangian, method for advecting textures: the advected texture is computed only locally and follows the velocity field at each pixel. The texture retains its local properties, including its Fourier spectrum, even though it is accurately advected. Due to its Lagrangian nature, our algorithm can perform on very large, potentially infinite scenes in real time. Our experiments show that it is well suited for a wide range of input textures, including, but not limited to, noise textures.

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