Automated Bibliography Server for Research Publications Diffusion


Basilic is a bibliography server for research laboratories. It automates and facilitates the diffusion of research publications over the internet, automatically generating web pages from a publication database. Each publication has an associated web page, which provides downloads and additional documents (abstract, images, BibTeX...). Index pages are also created, including a search engine with several options for results display. New publications can be added to the database in an instant.

Download and configuration

The installation process is simple and entirely configurable. Your server's configuration is fully tested before installing anything.

The Basilic look and feel is defined using CSS style sheets and can hence easily be customized. Basilic was originally written for a Computer Graphics laboratory, which explains the thumbnails displayed in front of each publication. These can easily be removed.

Download basilic-1.5.14.tar.gz to an arbitrary temporary place on your web server. Then uncompress and untar the archive:

tar -xzf basilic-1.5.14.tar.gz
cd basilic-1.5.14
Open the install.html page located in this directory with your favorite browser and follow the installation instructions.


More technical details are provided in the Basilic user's guide page.

Required configuration

apache     php     mySQL

Basilic requires an Apache web server with PHP and mySQL installed and properly configured. The web is full of installation and configuration web pages on this subject. Other system configurations might be used at the expenses of code translation.

Change log

Sites that use Basilic

Please send an email if you install Basilic so that I update this list.


Subscribe to the basilic mailing list to get informed of new releases.

Email any comment, bug report or even feature requests.

Basilic is distributed under the terms of the GNU-GPL license and is distributed as-is with no guarantee.

The scripts were initially written by Marc Lapierre and modified for the Basilic distribution by Gilles Debunne.