The HQR command line executable

Modus Operandi

The command-line version of HQR has been designed to allow computing of images without human interaction. All the parameters which define a job are included into a job file, which is passed to the HQR executable as:

HQR <job file>.hqr

The main advantages of such an operation are:

Building job files

The syntax of job files is straightforward. Variable settings are expressed using:


A very convenient way of producing job files is to use the graphics user interface. Indeed, each tab of the interface has the ability write its parameters to job files. This functionality is accessible from the Save job file button in the Still image and SLF tabs of the GUI. The obtained job files are self-commented, as can be seen on this example obtained from the Still image tab and corresponds to the settings in the tutorial entitled my first image. Note that the in this example the very structure of the graphics user interface translates into separate sections in the job file.

Then, modifying jobfiles by hand, or producing them from a second monitoring software does not pose problems.

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