HQR tools

X3D tools

Some useful X3D processors are provided by Yannick Legoc on his X3DToolkit webpage.

Very few non-commercial softwares export X3D. However, scenes are much more easily obtained in vrml2.0, which can then be converted into X3D using the vrml2x3d java application.

HDR image tools

The OpenEXR libraries and tools can be downloaded from the Ilm web site. For convenience, I provide here a linux compiled version of exrdisplay.

The exr2ldr application conveniently converts OpenEXR files into any other format. Source code as well as a linux executable is to be found here. The HQR platform also uses the exradd program to add image files corresponding to various parts of a same image. The application can also be used to scale values in a single image, blend images, etc. The linux exe is here.

The HDRShop software is useful for manipulating/converting between different high dynamic range formats, but it is provided for windows only, at this time.

The hdr2exr executable converts .hdr and .tif HDR image files into OpenEXR format.

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